Latter to heart -Corre

I already  know  congrats   say  hello  to darkness  your old   friend I look at  them  different   not feeling their warmth you are always  right  so  finish   the sentence you are same script  as always so predictable of the  two  of us  you always were  best  so  run run away  you can  take all you want   break all  you want  but my  tears  i will never give you that  so  run  away  you   did  all   and to be honest  when i  look at them  I dont care  I already lived with you in  your sorrow and this time  i say no  i gave all i could  these  days to  save  best   of me and them  and you were  closed  doesnt fits you anymore  you already  done  it  dont expect others to  trust you  so  take  everything  you want     but my  tears  you wont  have them   run  away   but  run  wihout  me  just one thing   where you placed that  feelings  im sure i was  good one  maybe  its not me  maybe  all  this light is killing you   but  sure  you are  best   in that   runing  I will run  with you   but without  tears  I will  run  from myself too  I wonder  when   my mask became my identity  and I  wonder when you stoped pretending  it became all whats  left   of me  to be  honest  I  broke  him  yesterday  and I lied   but I  didnt want to lose  him too   when  he is last   person which  I  have  Im not  what he thinks  I am  not angel  and if i  really loved  little  thy would  nt  suffer  what  have you  done  this  month  and he keeps walking   trough   fire to  catch  me   no I  didnt   give  him   worst lie  no  i didnt  save   him  love is not  for  you   you are not used  to  be loved like that  you would  nt knw   what  to do  you dont  even  see  when its in front of you and  i   i didnt  deserve  that  keep waiting  for your  savior   run  away  and  hope  that you will come  home but whnthe  time  come  where I end  up drwng  myself  even  with broken  heart  i will  get his  hand  and  he will  be my savior in end  atls that  Im  ruining  why  well without me   they will be  finally happy  when you  realize that you dont need  another  human being to make  my life   complet  it  will  be  late i wil sit  alone   in some  small cottage  drinking  dark  coffe   it will be my  fav  i will  be right  and you will ask  where  life went  maybe many  of them will love you   not  because of who you are  just  your   pure mask  they will love  what you  lie  not you  not me  they will love everything  im not  you will die as you  lived  alone  because im not  afraid of that  anymore summertime  im not alone i  have myself   going   crazy  talking  with you  I gather all  that strenght  not to let you  or others  see them  you will never have my  tears again i  found  note  on net  saying  how  every  heart  can  be  repaired  and  i smiled  but then  i continued with  reading  never whole  always  scarred  fracture scars   that the  beauty it once held and purity its innocence is darkened  beauty  fades  to pain den pain  gives  birth  to  hate  and hate  gives rise to anger  nd what beuaty is anger   the heart has  once again found  its beuaty  heart become the  breaker the  holder of darkness   i thoguht  about it   and   you are not worth it

true or not  hold  whatever  you want  is that  reason  fear of  breaking  so  i broke   them   before they decided to  do  it    congrats    it  was smart   but  i dont care  anymore  rot in  hell  let it kill you   i  hope you  die  in some    dark street   or smwhr  whr no one  cnt find  my  body  only one way  for us to sprt  you are ill  nd i dnt wnt  be  all of that  my death means  your   dream  will  finally  bmc   reality  and  forever  cn tunr in  eternity  i will   go   on  raod of  happines and you  chs your own   imagine  eternity   dancing with  devil  is all u care abt  bt nw run  away   where  not sure  as i  said i dont care  anymore

Tags : I never thought I’d be the villain in my own story - but you painted me destructive and I now can’t see myself as anything else

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